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Market your Business

Do you need help with your current website that you've had for a few years or do you need a website created from scratch to help market your business?Website Design Services

We can help you build your website to best fit your business needs. What ever your needs are, we can build a web site that works wonders for your business.

Responsive Content Management Systems (CMS)

Here at Rocket Mouse, we use Joomla to build our websites because of the enhanced functionality it gives us to create the perfect site for your company. Have you ever received an e-mail on your phone and clicked on the website within and it seemed like it would not properly load no matter how long you looked at it or how many times you reloaded it? Have you ever gone to a website on your iPad and it looks more confusing than it does on your computer? This kind of perplexing appearance makes it very difficult to read and understand the message that the website or e-mail wants to pass on to its readers. No owner of a website (or sender of an e-mail) wants this, as it might cause the business to lose potential customers, donors, signatures, etc.

What Do You Need Your Website To Do?

Before starting the website design process, decide what you want your website to do for you and your business. Do you want to use the website to bring in new clients, inform existing clients about new offers and products, do you want to use search engine optimization as a means of marketing your business? Know what your goals are, and then you can learn how to make your website help you reach those goals. Figure out first what the function and purpose of your website will be, and the design comes later.

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