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Frequently Asked Question - Is My Business Ready for the Cloud?

Is My Business Ready for the Cloud?

Cloud computing represents the delivery of data storage and / or computing as a service located on a third party server, rather than a product or piece of hardware installed at your physical location. Many companies are moving or have already moved to the cloud.


  1. Savings: Depending on your businesses specific computing and network needs, you may find the  cloud model provides significant monthly savings over a more traditional hardware/software model.
  2. Ease of Use, Maintenance and Collaboration: Some businesses find it easier to deal with applications over the cloud compared to the need to install software on physical computers, for instance, or to upgrade software.
  3. Natural, Remote Data Backup: A cloud based service removes the data from any local problems that might crop up and, in at least some cases, provides redundant backup capabilities as part of the service itself.


  1. Security Concerns: While data isn’t necessarily totally secure anywhere, problems with cloud security breaches have been well documented.
  2. Privacy: Some people can’t help but wonder how much information cloud companies
    are gathering about their customers and what they plan to do with it.
  3. Service Availability: When a cloud company service goes down, access to the tools and data you need may be unavailable to you.
  4. Service Robustness and Flexibility: What happens if your cloud provider gets out of the business? Will you be able to retrieve your data and will it be a simple matter to transfer it to another provider?

 Looking  for Guidance

So is your business ready for the cloud?
Contact Rocket Mouse today for a consultation, and we’ll help you decide if the cloud is in your immediate  future, as well as provide you with any suggestions about the best way to go about making the transition.

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